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Mackenzie Ziegler is a noble dancer, actress, singer, and model. She is widely popular for her appearance in the six years on reality dance show Dance Moms. Her parents divorced and remarried again in Mackenzie has an older sister, Maddie who is also a dancer and actress. She has two older paternal half-brothers, Ryan and Tyler as well as two older step-siblings Matthew and Michelle. She belongs to American nationality and holds mixed ethnicity Polish, German and Italian.


Celine Dion loves spending time with her kids Celine Dion is showing off her love for one of her bodyguards! The year-old entertainer was spotted meeting up with her bodyguard Olivier as she left the Royal Monceau Hotel on Wednesday morning August 2 in Paris, France.

Talented Music producer, Juls drops a new wave single, “Sister Girl” featuring Black Diamond Wande Coal. The rich Afro-pop song is filled with some powerful vocal effects infused with the special delivery laced on the sound by Wande Coal. “Sister Girl” is a prove that Juls is a .

Will they live happily ever after and get engaged? What do our Astrology Love predictions reveal? There have been so many twists and turns along the way, with Selena dating the Weeknd and Justin linked to a bevy of gorgeous starlets, that we can barely keep track of the latest love gossip. Is this the start of one of our favorite celebrity couples getting back together? First up, Selena Gomez was born on July 22, , making her a good-hearted Cancer girl.

The Biebs, however, was born on March 1, , so he is a sensitive Pisces.

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Even if it’s a dream sequence — or we’re totally being fooled — the last two days have given all ‘Gossip Girl’ fans hope that Serena and Blair end up with their rightful soul mates.

Jordan Todosey 10—13 regular Born “Gracie,” Adam is a trans boy. He and his stepbrother Drew transferred to Degrassi due to the excessive bullying that he received at his old school. After being outed by Bianca, he was once again the victim of transphobia , although he eventually earned the respect and admiration that he deserved from his classmates. Another major problem for Adam had been finding love as a trans man.

After numerous attempts at romance, he finally found true love in Becky Baker despite their beliefs. During summer break, Adam was involved in a car accident after texting Becky while driving and later passed away during surgery. The combination of Adam being a favorite character, and Jordan being at the end of her contract, presented a unique opportunity to tell this story through such a beloved character.

As saddened as we are to say goodbye to Adam, we feel this storyline will affect even more lives in an authentic way She was considered a bad girl at Degrassi who hung out with her boyfriend Jay and his gang. Her exterior softened as she befriended Ellie, Marco, and eventually her nemesis Paige, with whom she began a lesbian relationship. She briefly became a stripper to prevent her family from being evicted.

After realizing things were never going to change at home, she moved in with Paige, Marco, and Ellie. Later she broke up with Paige as they headed down different paths.

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Ace of Space is a reality show built on the Darwinian principal of survival of the fittest. Beauty to get redefined in the fourth season of India’s Next Top Model A woman is more than a face, she is a phenomenon that is bold, beautiful, dramatic, glamorous and spirited all at once. The 4th edition of the much-awaited and sensational fashion-based reality show “India’s Next Top Model” is all set celebrate this new age woman through its new transformative and progressive theme of ‘More than a Face’.

The new season redefining the tenets of beauty and fashion is all set to premiere on October 6, every Saturday at 7PM. I was fascinated by the diversity in models last season and I am sure, this time won’t be any different. I am looking forward to the interesting tasks the show will come up with and how the ladies put forth style with substance to emerge as a winner.

Take quizzes to find your perfect skin care routine, which hot celeb you should be dating, what your college major should be, who matches your style star personality, and more!

Then I actually watched an episode. Now for a year and half, I belittled any human being soulless enough to watch this show. And I realized it’s not the beautiful people, absurd contrivances and utter disregard for the geography of New York that make the show great – it’s the irresistible urge to scream at your television. Here’s what I was yelling about on Monday night: But I have a feeling that Chuck Bass is about to be very wealthy.

And as long we’re referencing old movies – was Dorota in March of the Penguins? If Bart and her mother were simply dating, would she go topless?


Music career Edit The release of Swift’s self-titled debut album established the then 16 year-old as a country music star. Her third single, “Our Song,” made her the youngest person to single-handedly write and perform a number one song on the Hot Country Songs chart. Swift’s second album, Fearless, was released in

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August 4, at Then why does she have that muumuu covering her caboose. There’s something hiding there, but what? CNN stopped being a real news organization a long time ago. Crobuzon You are reading the Chart Blog. The news is somewhere else. I think it’s over by that clue you all need to get. What does that say about you? Maybe that it was correct to feature this as it obviously generated your interest. August 5, at In hetero couples, it’s usually the female. If you happen to make eye contact, there’s often a bit of giggling followed by even more vigorous PDA-ing.

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Posted on February 27, by Beth Turnage History and Hollywood are littered with famous lovers, people who left behind spouses and families and careers—the devil to take the hindmost—so that they could be together. Usually when the two pair, family and friends are incredulous. Sometimes it is because there is a seeming mismatch in age, personalities, social status, education or professions.

Netizens are cracking up at Jungkook’s reaction, and commented, “LOL Jungkook the only one who didn’t know about them dating,” “He must be too busy for the internet,” “Lol he’s so cute.” 32 Share.

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