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Lois & Clark (Series)

However both have their bad moments, yet I feel that Pete Ross’ reimagining was an insult to fans. They took a potentially interesting character, and turned him into a complete token black guy who was there to to do little more than tell Clark how “whack” various situations were YouTube video [1]. The poor treatment of this character created a multiplying effect with the lazy casting.

Meanwhile at the warehouse, Kara-X clobbers Oliver good, and then frickin’ Metallo shows up, paving the way for the baddies to declare victory in that ard, with the good guys chained.

Meet the vampire version of Tess Mercer. What kind of person is Sage? Sage has been a vampire for a very long time, so she has the ability to suss out what the best parts of being a vampire are. How is she different from Tess Mercer? Other than being hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years old? They both have a really genuine core to them and they are always out for their own motives, which is really interesting. Sage is definitely looser than Tess. Tess was very buttoned-up, very professional, and hid her emotions.

How does Sage change Damon in both the past and the present? In the past, she affects him a lot. He [was] pretty unsure of himself as a vampire, and doing things maybe not as gracefully as he could. Her role in the past is really to show Damon the way of being the vampire that maybe he was always destined to be.

Clark and Lois

What kind of out of control kid is this? He got the whip from a different car on that same train. The “worked for the Nazis” comment is moot. Indy is a good guy.

Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the BeastMaster?Have you always wanted to be tied up like The Dukes of Hazzard, or Supernatural’s Winchester brothers? If so, enjoy these video stills from my collection of guys tied up or bound in movies and TV shows.

Superman’s recurring sidekick, Dr. Klein has his moments, too. The only way to ever explain why Dr. Klein does not clue into the fact that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person is that he is a total absent minded professor. Lex’s preferred terrain at least once he goes broke. Lois mispronounces it as “Mazel Tov”. He didn’t care for that one bit. Whenever Perry’s around, allusions are made to Richard Nixon.

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Lionel John Glover discovers the truth and sends someone to kill her, but Lois and Clark stop the would-be killer, allowing Chloe to testify. Before Lois can leave Smallville, her father Michael Ironside informs her that she failed to achieve all of her high school credits and that he has enrolled her in Smallville High so that she can complete her twelfth-grade year.

Her story is bought by the Inquisitor, a tabloid newspaper that gives her a job as a reporter. Her attempt to craft a news story out of the situation lands her a job at the Daily Planet—in the basement alongside her cousin Chloe.

When Chloe said she didn’t expect them to hook up, Clark tells her that he wants be with her. This is a different take on season 6 and maybe other seasons too.

Justice League contains examples of the following tropes: The entire “Knightmare Sequence” and “Lois Lane is the key” from the previous film goes unaddressed and Batman on meeting Barry Allen doesn’t lampshade that he looks familiar on seeing the surveillance footage in the previous film or Barry’s face, nor does he mention the similarities of the Parademons from his nightmares to Diana, nor is there any mention of it having influenced his decision to bring Lois Lane as Superman’s Living Emotional Crutch as a backup to Superman’s Resurrection Sickness.

Lex Luthor’s connection to Steppenwolf, and his involvement in helping the Apokoliptan invasion, and how exactly he came to learn about the other metahumans and unearth their Secret Identity is left unaddressed. In the film, Batman mentions reading up “Luthor’s notes” indicating research of a mysterious event in the past tied to Mother Boxes, and Steppenwolf mentions offhand that “the Kryptonian’s” death plunged the world into despair and fear, and allowed him and his parademons to return to earth, but it’s not made clear if this was a deliberate conspiracy between him and Luthor or not.

The final shot of Batman v Superman showed dirt moving around Superman’s coffin, indicating that Superman is not really dead, and that his resurrection would follow similar to the original comic, where his corpse was mistaken for dead by Earth science, and was recovered by his robots to the Fortress of Solitude to properly convalesce. In the film, this is more or less retconned with his revival being presented as Superman apparently having died for real at Doomsday’s hands, Batman and Cyborg briefly trading technobabble about Kryptonian physiology, and Bruce pitching Superman’s resurrection as if it was something that was always possible but waiting for the right technology, before it coming via Mother Box, but it’s not made clear what Bruce believed Superman’s exact condition was for him to suggest this.

It is possible that he was in between life and death. Some characters who appeared in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice don’t show up in this film. Fishburne had a schedule conflict at the time the movie was filmed. After saving the day and weathering the feedback loop caused by their actions, Cyborg and Superman comment on how much pain they are in while laughing about it. Man, my toes hurt


Patti February 14, at VeroGeller February 14, at Lois and Clark is one of the many reasons why this season has been so awesome. Tom and Erica have a chemestry that could burn my tv screen and what we need is more Clois scenes.

Green Arrow is a fictional superhero who appears in comic books published by DC d by Mort Weisinger and designed by George Papp, he first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in November His real name is Oliver Jonas Queen, a wealthy businessman and owner of Queen Industries who is also a well-known celebrity in Star City. Sometimes shown dressed like the character Robin Hood.

What is his purpose? How does he know so much about Clark? Rated T as it’s not as, well Graphic as my other content. Lois and Clark and DBZ elements form the backbone of this piece. Can he find a way to reach out to her? T – English – Romance – Chapters: While testing the Tachyon device, Barry Allen suddenly finds himself stranded on an alternate Earth, where he meets a certain Kryptonian hero in red and blue, an alternative Scarlet Speedster, and a Green Arrow who looks completely different from the one on his Earth.

Will Barry eventually make it back to his home universe?

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CSI: Miami es una serie que deriva de la serie CSI: Las Vegas, que muestra el trabajo de un grupo de investigadores forenses. Pero esta vez en la ciudad de Miami, Utilizando los procedimientos científicos más avanzados en unidad con las técnicas más antiguas y el característico trabajo policial.

Flashpoint[ edit ] Belle Reve appears in Flashpoint. In “Panic in the Sky”, the core Justice League members except Batman turn themselves over to the government and end up incarcerated at Belle Reve after the Watchtower’s Binary Fusion Generator fired on the abandoned Project Cadmus headquarters until it is discovered that Lex Luthor hacked the Binary Fusion Generator controls. On the television series Smallville , Belle Reve Sanitarium is an insane asylum. The meteor freak villains Clark fights are almost always held here for their insanity similar to how many of Batman ‘s enemies end up in Arkham Asylum.

In the episode “Freak”, Chloe Sullivan laments that all meteor rock -infected Smallville citizens end up either dead or in Belle Reve indicating that insanity is a likely side effect of Kryptonite exposure in humans. Lex Luthor is also held there for a short time, while his father, Lionel, tries to erase memories Lex would use to incriminate him.

Belle Reve appears in the Young Justice episode “Terrors”. This version is run by Amanda Waller with Hugo Strange as the prison psychiatrist. All prisoners are equipped with special collars that would negate their superpowers and would deliver a shock if any of them got out of line. Brick claims the Joker is also an inmate, but he is never seen.

Batman sends Superboy and Miss Martian undercover disguised as the Terror Twins to Belle Reve when it comes to the Justice League figuring out why the ice-based villains were defeated easily. Superboy and Miss Martian discover that Icicle Sr. The Ice villains begin their move as Amanda Waller activates the lockdown when Mr. Freeze is brought to her.

Smallville 10×19 – Dominion – Clark and Lois reunite after three weeks