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Lancaster Cathedral Lancaster Museum, Market Square Lancaster, as a historic city, has a wide range of historic buildings and venues. The city is fortunate to have retained many fine examples of Georgian architecture. Lancaster Castle , the Priory Church of St. Mary and the Edwardian Ashton Memorial are among many sites of historical importance. Lancaster Friends Meeting House dating from , is the longest continual Quaker meeting site in the world with the original building built in George Fox , founder of Quakerism , was near the site several occasions in the s and spent two years imprisoned in Lancaster Castle. The Lancaster Grand Theatre is another one of Lancaster historic cultural venues, under its many names, has been a major part of the social and cultural life of Lancaster since being built in In the previous incumbent organisation “The Storey Gallery” moved out of the building and reformed to become “Storey G2”.

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Studio set at Blists Hill Museum. Part of the camera back revolved rather like that of a Mamiya RB67 enabling portrait or landscape format. Having focused on the subject with a brass wheel and rack arrangement the Teak plate holder would be inserted into wooden grooves in the camera back which would then push the focussing screen further along the grooves.

The plate holder had then taken the place of the screen and you would be ready to take your first photograph having pulled out the dark slide. One plate holder was big enough to take three exposures by moving the plate holder further along the grooves each time though taking three exposures of one sitter would be frowned upon by the branch manager and, if it occurred too often, might be reported to the Regional?

Head Office in Wolverhampton.

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It was suggested by a follower and after a bit of research it looked a great topic to write about. For the purpose of the blog we are including Wardleys , which is on the other side of the Wyre as well as they were linked and share similar sorts of history. There has been a little more interest in the sites recently as they have been a topic which the Blackpool dungeons have covered and indeed its one of their primary exhibitions in the Tower complex.

The location of skippool is in a meander of the river Wyre , near to shard bridge and the modern River Wyre pub. It is very popular with walkers who enjoy the boats and the scenery. Wardleys is almost adjacent to Skippool on the other over Wyre side of the river , near to the village of Hambleton. Today Skippool is home to a sort of boat cemetery , housing roughly 20 disused boats, some of these boats are very old and some are of considerable size. The area also holds the annual popular race called the dash which is over a years old.

The areas are still littered with architectural and archaeological finds.

Lancaster, Lancashire

Leslie writes that during his father’s twenty-two-year army career, ‘he served in England three times, twice in Germany, once in Italy, once in Korea, twice in Hong Kong and once in Singapore, including a short tour of Borneo during the Malay—Indonesia conflict’. And, as Leslie notes, it was due to his father’s military career that five of the eight Rutledge children who were born between and were born abroad, and that Leslie himself went to some ten different schools within a six-year period.

The first part of Leslie’s long and detailed story, which covers the years to , follows. See below for parts II to XI, and click here for his personal observations on an army childhood. In February , Dad accordingly enlisted at the Swansea army careers office and decided to join the corps of the Royal Engineers.

Download Blackpool Soccer Diary 1 for Android. Are you a Blackpool fan? Then this is the app for you. The complete history of the club, the players and the games in your.

Follow cathshan There is no easy way to tell parents at any stage of pregnancy that their baby has a severe fetal abnormality and may die in the hours or days after birth. But delivering a late diagnosis only adds to the trauma and grief. So say the doctors and parents who spoke to Health Correspondent Catherine Shanahan about the importance of a week fetal anomaly scan.

Tom and Collette O’Donovan with baby Isabelle. The mood changed as the sonographer conducted the week scan. We were able to see our little baby dancing on the screen. The sonographer went to talk to a consultant and when she came back, she eventually told us to prepare for the worst. She carried out an ultrasound and Isabelle was diagnosed with a condition called anencephaly neural tube defect , Collette says.

She remembers asking what could be done to fix it. The answer was devastating.

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Share this article Share The court heard that the couple had longed for a child and the woman had finally become pregnant after fertility treatment. Their week scan had shown no problems but the couple were very anxious about the week scan, which checks for birth defects. Their barrister, Robert Glancy QC, said there was no suggestion that the sonographer who carried out the ultrasound scan at Blackpool Victoria Hospital should have detected the rare condition which afflicts the boy.

But he claimed she should have been able to pick up evidence from the scan of the ‘anomalies’ in the structure of their unborn baby’s brain.

From the Blackpool Gazette (), this rather creepy oddity. also see the Dating Sabrina page. (Full size) “Busty Sabrina is a Yeardye admirer. She says, “Tommy can have the key to my safe any time he wants” A better scan, but cropped. Added Sabrina and Troy Donahue – co-stars in The Phantom Gunslinger.

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Thanks again to Stevie Page for another pic from in the Warley News. IT’S not often we have the chance to picture a local man relaxing intimately with one of the top stars, but here we show two stars who are well out in front. The man with the golden trumpet? That goes without saying.

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City found themselves down at half-time after a first half horror show before showing the kind of fight, guts and determination that Taylor himself often displayed as a player for the club. Jordan Tillson reduced the arrears, following up after Pierce Sweeney’s penalty was saved – his third spot kick miss in succession – and Tristan Abrahams set up a frantic finale with the second as the game drifted into stoppage time.

Read More Exeter City 2 Blackpool 3: First half horror show sees Grecians exit FA Cup at the first round stage The defeat was the third in a row for Exeter, whose task is not being helped by the unavailability of several players right now. And while there is some good news, with Chiedozie Ogbene set to return from Brentford, there is plenty of concern for Taylor and the Grecians as well with Sweeney limping off on Saturday and Nicky Law struggling come full-time.

On the others, Taylor said: If I have not got a squad capable of playing three games a week in League Two, then there is something wrong. Like us on Facebook.

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It is reassuring to know everything is as it should be. Early in pregnancy there maybe few signs to suggest that you are pregnant. Ultrasound scanning in early pregnancy can provide that confirmation and peace of mind that you need.

Provide accommodation reception services. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to check guests in and out of commercial accommodation establishments.

All of our clinics use the highest specification ultrasound technology and employ fully qualified medical professionals and we are privileged to offer you a way of checking that your pregnancy is progressing normally in private, comfortable and professional clinics. Additionally, many of our packages use 4D technology to allow you and your family to share the amazing first glimpses of your unborn baby and start the vitally important process of bonding with your baby. We have been scanning expectant mums for over 15 years and have already introduced over , babies to their parents.

All of our scans start with a diagnostic examination which allows our medical professionals to check that all is well with baby at any stage of pregnancy from 16 to 40 weeks. Our Well-being scan which is similar to the ultrasound scans that you will have at your hospital allows us to check the well-being of your baby and you will receive a Well-being Report.

Our gender scans are This allows us to check all is well with mother and baby and you get to take away a detailed fetal well-being report.

Download Blackpool Soccer Diary for Android

In that moment I meant what I said honestly, as it seemed a little unreal to see that singular roller coaster profile without the invisible barrier of pixels or print between me and it. Blackpool Pleasure Beach was one of the first overseas amusement parks I had ever heard of, the Big One having appearances all of my original roller coaster books and VHS tapes for being the tallest roller coaster in the world when I first began delving into the hobby around Even as recently as when I entered college I would have ranked Blackpool as being the number one amusement park anywhere in the world I wanted to visit, probably because the large scale and coastal setting mixed with an array of quirky, older rides and one of the earliest hypercoasters by Arrow in an authentically eclectic historical setting seemed to combine the best features of two American parks near and dear to my heart; Cedar Point and Kennywood.

My expectations of Pleasure Beach cooled some in recent years when I read more and more about questionable operations and managerial practices that suggested the electric boardwalk atmosphere I had been expecting was replaced with something more drab and depressing the fact that the park rarely stays open after dark contributes to this perception in a literal way, as the electricity is never turned on.

My first ride seemed to dispel many of these anxieties; the Flying Machines are a downright retro contraption kept in an immaculately clean condition. Apart from the historical kitsch value, it provides an excellent panorama of the amusement park landscape making it an excellent first attraction for anyone new to Blackpool.

I had two early MCs and for this pg was given 2 early scans at 8 and 10 weeks (the 8 week one was my “routine” early scan, the 10 week one because I told the EPU midwife that I was still nervous after the 8 week one, and they were very lovely about it).

With their month-olddaughter James in tow, both have a. Why Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a true power couple. After dating for six months, the now newlyweds purchased a house. Blake Lively has opened up about her marriage to Ryan Reynolds, and how. The two were engaged, having dated from , and has been. Ryan Reynolds is what is known in some circles as a “serial celebrity husband.

Ryan Reynolds has joked that he fell in love with wife Blake Lively “after the sex.